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*I’m A Slave For You*

Bloody Queen

Bloody Queen!



Death Grip 1

Death Grip!


*lil warrior*

TheAbyss Combat Belt, rm Posture Collar, Birdy Red Skin, Magika Bliss, HP Priessh Bebe, sm tootsie Chain, Babydoll Bodychain, D2K Ems Jeans TBS 1

Ready For The Battle!


*Cute Poison*

Tenjin Music Is My Life OMG, HP Holy Chibis Wings OMG, Pearlie Girlies Jizz Pearl, MC OMG, E brenna, Bishes Vintage Tops BS, WoW Megan, Liner SuperBia 1

Isn’t That Hot!

LF Honey Lace Silicone, E brenna, wow megan, prick iron strap punkly azz chain, superbia spikes rings eyeliner 1

It’s So Sweet!

JesyDream Long Sweater Star OMG, e Brenna, LW Platform Wedges, Mango Cheeks OMG, 7DS OMG, Nox No Angel Suicide Dollz 1

I’m Only Being Cute!


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