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Corvus Black Pea Coat, Charm LR Skinny Jeans Marine, N-Core Glance, Hush Ivy, Truth Lotus 1

It’s All I Want!

HolliPocket Tootsie Roll Minis Bodify, Faun Vintage Ferren JAE, Goth1c0 OfficerCap Bracelet JAE, N-Core Glance, Hush Ivy, Magika Bliss 1

O.oo I Need You!!

Bishes Azz Show, WoW Audrey, Exile Sparkle Fade, Ncore Glance 1

It Says It All!

MotivAction Ladies Trench Coat, Filthy Ludicia Leggings, Eaters Coma 41, Epic Kawaii Reverb Monkey Chapka Hat WTS, Fresh Face Acacia 1

What’s That On My Head!

Kharacter Polar Wool Dress PW, Geek Toasted Muffs WTS, Eaters Coma 41, Maxi Gossamer Necklace JAE, WoW Audrey 1

It’s Gettin Colder!

All the Glitter

*Wasted Kisses*

*NEW* from Something Else and Castellian

Twins Fashion TRFF, Runaway TRFF, SG Malphite Tat 2

Lil Blondie!

QE Omnom 1

OmNom Nom!


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