It’s All about Prince*

*I am not that blogger that writes about herself…I don’t share alot with people..but today I think we all should take a moment of silence for one of the best musician’s…”PRINCE”…

I have always loved  his music and it has gotten me through some rough times before, Not to mention…Prince also study and knew everything about a women..that is why he always had some of the most beautiful women in the world! I went and seen him in was packed, it circled around three building three times….{the line} It was also close to my birthday…I was so excited.what a great gift! me and two other friends were standing in of them starts having like a panic attack, cause of all the people and passes out…lol ..I was so mad I could not stand it!…I thought omg we are going to have to step out of line and take her somewhere!! I wanted to leave her in the cussing her the whole time! {some friend I am huh! lol} but she had been drinking the night before and didnt feel well to begin with and this was PRINCE!!…my other friend was a better friend than me and said..let’s call one of our friends to get her and we will still make the concert…I said ok..but i was still so mad..I just knew i was going to miss his concert..and I had waited forever to see..we got her taken care of, get back in line and I was just so sad…knowing his show would be over, before we even made it in…but Prince waited..he waited for every fan to get in, before he began playing…{another reason I loved him so much!! He was all about his fans}…..It took us forever to get in..when he got ready to come on..all the lights went off ,One spotlight came on him…..He was at a white paino..He hit only one key  and I think every woman in there, had a orgasm!!!..I said that and a straight guy I know..that went and seen him at the same time…said the same thing! He just had this sex appeal that you couldn’t explain..the way he would do a dirty lil smile some time*..or moan in his songs..If you don’t know nothing about him..then you should read up on him! your missing out!*

I love the way facebook, the news and people everywhere are grieving over him and posting pictures..I am sure he is smiling right now* My friends will tell you..don’t ask me about prince or be ready to listen for hours all about him!!* I will end this..but my heart is sadden and broken over the music I will no longer get to hear from him*…..May you rest in peace..Prince*

oxoxoo – lil subbie*—–:(

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