I Got Some SexyNess!! Rawrr

O.oo I have some good news for you guys from Hush and from Corvus!!! Rawrrr.. Corvus has brought out 2 new dresses… the Vneck Dresses and and a awesomee new dress for the Horror Haute!! Yaaay… 

Hush has brought Out 3 new Skins This month!! They are all 3 so very lovely!! I’m loving them!! 

Hush Skin Blair, Inari, Kirra

These Skins Are The new 3 skins from Hush.. I’m wearing them with my own shape! (Thank You Soo Much ♥)

Left: Hush Skin – Blair

Middle: Hush Skin – Inari

Right: Hush Skin – Kirra

Grab The Taxi to The Hush Mainstore Here!!!

Now First I’m gonna Show You the 2 V-Neck Dresses I loved the most!! There are 6 of them and I doo like them all but these 2 were my favourites.. Soo these I’m showing You guys.. the others might follow at a later time!! Soo I hope You guys Enjoy!! 

Hush Skin Inari & Corvus Vneck Dress After Murder & Skulls

Shape: Mine!

Skin: Hush – Inari (tysm ♥)

Hair: Dela – Vanessa

Ears: Mandala – Omimi

Piercings: All from Puncture

Make-Up: Corvus – Under Eyeliner

Necklace: MG – Banshee Skull Heart

Dress: Corvus – V-Neck Dress After Murder & Skulls (tysm ♥)

Bracelets: A&M – My Fav Bracelet

Nails: Virtual/Insanity – Kitty Galore Sharp Claws

Rings: Mandala – SINRA2

Boots: A&Y – Deuz Boots

This is the Last New Dress From Corvus..She Made it For The Horror Haute!! Soo Better Be Quick To goo Grab This Sexy Dress!! xxx

Hush Skin Kirra & Corvus For Horror Haute

Skin: Hush – Kirra (tysm ♥)

Dress: Corvus – Bath Salts Mini Dress For Horror Haute (tysm ♥)

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