Who Punched Me In My Face??

Omg!!.. See The Bruices I got Left from Being Punched?? Well all I wanna know is who did it!!! 

I’m soo Loving this look!! I would wear it for days if I didn’t start to smell, haha.. well I thought well lets share it with you guys!! xxx Joyce

I Got Punched In My Face 1

Shape: Mine!

Skin: League – Isla

Hair: Magika – Tendency

Make-Up 1: Corvus – Thinner Upper Eyeliner

Make-Up 2: Corvus – Punched Face

Ciggie: NSD – Cigarette

Piercings: Puncture – Angelbites/Monroes, Double Snakebites, Eye Piercing, Labret, Gemstone Navel Piercing, Dermal Spike Implants, Dermal Gemstones Hips

Collar: Luck Inc – Bound Collar

Necklace: HoD – The Crosary

Bolero: A:S:S – Noctis Bolero

Boobs: Lolas – Push Up

Bikini Top: Pink Sugah – Doll Lingerie Shades Of Grey (tysm Tara <333)

Tattoo: Delusions – Good Girl Gone Bad

Bracelets: Acid & Mala – My Fav Bracelet

Nails: SuperBia – Piercings 2 Clown Tips (tysm <3)

Panties: [Glue Ink] – Lil Undies

Socks: +PE+ – Splatter Socks

Shoes: Kiki Designs – Coquetta Doll

I Got Punched In My Face 2

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