Lets Go Back Into The Time!!

WootWoot.. this is gonna be in the new round for the forgotten Closet!! Tara Made it and its super sexy.. this is one of her outfits and and yea!!! I loveee it!!! xxx Joyce

Go Back Into The Times 1

Shape: Mine!

Skin: League – Isla

Hair: CatWa – Katniss 2

Face Tattoo: Little Pricks – Tell Me a Story

Ears: Mandala – Omimi

Piercings: All From Puncture

Tattoo 1: Tenjin – Automatic Flowers

Boobs: Lolas – Tango Mesh

Outfit: Pink Sugah – Goood Vibrations @ The Forgotten Closet (tysm Tara <333)

Tattoo2: Delusions – Good Girl Gone Bad

Tattoo 3: UtopiaH – Beyond The Death

Knee Bandaid: Delusions – I gotsa Booboo

Shoes: Diktator – HorseShoe Sandals

Nails: SuperBia – Piercings 2 Clown Tips (tysm <3)

Go Back Into The Times 2

Go Back Into The Times 3

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