I will Survive!!!

I will Survive in bad times and I’ll live my life to the fullest in the good times!! And These good times are coming now!!!

WootWoot.. Tara made these uber Cute Tops.. They come with Tango appliers only!! Sooo… This Skin is really awesome as well and I love it!! It’s my new fav. Skin!! Yaaaay!! Sooo Well Better get back to shopping you guys cause here’s some awesomee news!! xxx Joyce

I'll Survive!! 1

Shape: Mine!

Hair: Magika – Tendency

Skin: ETHE(r)EAL – Elen Medium Natural (tysm Jupy <333)

Make-Up 1: Corvus – Thinner Upper Eyeliner

Make-Up 2: Corvus – Punched Face

Piercings: Puncture – Monroe, Eye Piercing, Labret, Dermal Spike Implants

Collar: Luck Inc – Bound Collar

Boobs: Lolas – Tango Mesh

Top: Pink Sugah – Sabotage (tysm Tara <333)

Pants: [Aux] – Belted Bells

Tattoo 1: UtopiaH – Dirty Little Bitch 

Tattoo 2: Delusions – Good Girl Gone Bad

Bracelets: Acid & Mala – My Fav Bracelets

Nails: SuperBia – Piercings 2 Clown Tips (tysm <3)

I'll Survive!! 2

I'll Survive!! 3

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