Sexy Sexy Me!!!

Woohooo Rack City has released these awesome bodysuits!! I love them even tho it covers up the whole boobies!!! They doo look sexy very sexy soo!! Well Grab the taxi and get your own very sexy bodysuit xxx Joyce

Sexy Sexy Me 1

Sexy Sexy Me 2

Shape: Pink Sugah – Lucy (tysm Tara <333)

Hair: Magika – Clarify

Skin: League – Isla

Piercings: All From Puncture

Boobs: Lolas – Tango Mesh

Bodysuit: Rack City – Lace Lover Bodysuit (tysm <3)

Bangles: Mandala – Takara

Nails: SuperBia – Piercings 2 Clown Tips (tysm <3)

Shoes: Diktator – Horseshoe Sandals

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