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*Broken wings*

I'm A Bitch 1


Hubby Beater 1

Hubby Beater!

My Dream Is 1

Sweet Like Candy!

Naughty Mini 1

I’m Back Again!!!

black on black_003

*I got a scar I can talk about*

Prick Tiayme two TBS, Olive The Flutter Hair Arcade, Random Matter Severity, Salt The CollarV2, Blah My Elevated Getas WCF, D2K Luck Of Irish, TI Chained Hornes WCF Strawberry Tongue GF, FF Belle, UtopiaH Innocent Body 1

Little Red Head!


*I Want Candy*


*Bring it!*

FF Evie Doll, Random Matter Severity Eyebrow, Milk Child Hair, Salt The Collar V2, M Morena Mini Shorts, LW Luscious Platform Heel Valentine, UtopiaH My Wrinkled Fingerless Gloves, Ryvolter Fine Knit Cropped Sweater 1

Like A Doll!


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