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TheAbyss Combat Belt, rm Posture Collar, Birdy Red Skin, Magika Bliss, HP Priessh Bebe, sm tootsie Chain, Babydoll Bodychain, D2K Ems Jeans TBS 1

Ready For The Battle!


*Cute Poison*

Tenjin Music Is My Life OMG, HP Holy Chibis Wings OMG, Pearlie Girlies Jizz Pearl, MC OMG, E brenna, Bishes Vintage Tops BS, WoW Megan, Liner SuperBia 1

Isn’t That Hot!

LF Honey Lace Silicone, E brenna, wow megan, prick iron strap punkly azz chain, superbia spikes rings eyeliner 1

It’s So Sweet!

JesyDream Long Sweater Star OMG, e Brenna, LW Platform Wedges, Mango Cheeks OMG, 7DS OMG, Nox No Angel Suicide Dollz 1

I’m Only Being Cute!

7DS OMG, Geek Gamer Leftovers OMG, LWarwick Platform Wedges, SNAP SLFW, Nox no Angel Suicide Dollz, SuperBia Piercings Polished V2, utopiaH My Charming Bow Collar Suicide Dollz 1

This is What You Get When You Been Gaming!

LF Lycra Pants, M New Top, Elephant Earmuffs, tsg Bubbles Heels 1

Don’t Scream To Me!

HP Smack It Bum Jeans, GB Curb Chain Bracelet, Puncture Belly Chain Whore, CatWa Lulu, Autopsy Mon Top Heart OMG, WoW Maram Pale, Things Firin Crown OMG, D2K OMG 1

I Wanna Be A Queen!

Corvus Black Jenna Sweater, SuperBia Line Face Tattoo, Flite Aviators Raven, Exile Longest Night, Blowpop Fishnet Tights 1

It’s A Lil Dark!

Sassy Azz Show TBS, LW Ibis Platform Heel, Crown Free, SG Sejuani Unisex Tat Groupgift 1

Little Miss Queen!


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